September 29, 2009

To edit the image of the gravestones below I used Photoshop, first stripped the colour using channel mixer, then by using image adjustment turned it blue from the curves before reducing the red. 

To make the picture look more like a print i reduced the contrast and brightness using image adjustment again, changing the brightness to -15 and the contrast to -20.

I next drew an elliptical shape around the focal point of the image, pressed select and inverse, then select and feather to 20-30 pixels.

To darken the selected background area slightly i used image adjustment levels, then deselected the picture to see the results so far.

Using the eraser tool and the choosing dry media brushes, i made a dark black edge to the picture.

Lastly i found a tea stained texture from google, saved it and used it as a layer underneath,  to give an old stained look to the picture, using the darken technique in the layers, then finally  flattend the image and saved it.

Below is the final finished image.



Gravestone edit image
Following on from this i then used the same techniques on Photoshop with one of my own images, below is what the end result, it is  Surpose to look similar to an original Cyanotype.
Cyan 1
to compare to this i have looked for some original cyanotypes.

One Response to “Cyanotypes”

  1. Malin Fabbri Says:

    Interesting. And nice work… try some handmade cyanotypes as well!
    I run a website on the topic, cyanotypes and a lot of other alternative photographic processes. Our aim is to educate people in these processes and introduce them to a very creative and fun way of making prints. If you want to know more about the cyanotype process we also publish a beginners’ guide “Blueprint to cyanotypes” take a look here:

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