Lond of the rings poster Edit

Above is the final version of the poster i made using Photoshop, i am happy with how it turned out. The process to make this was firstly to collect all the Lord of the rings images needed.

Open the first image that i used for the background and crop it. Then i opened the image i used for the second layer which was of frodo, using the earaser tool i took the hard edges away from the image so that is would blend in to the background, after this i did the same again for the Third and forth layers.  When all the layers were blended together well , i used image adjustment change the lighting effects slightly so all the layers would have similar shadows and light areas.

For final effects i found a black old textured image to used as a top layer and decreased the opacity, to add to the old-looking effect i messed around with the colour balance to give it a yellow stained look and then finally added the title to the top right corner before flattening all layers. 


HDR photography

October 19, 2009

HDR stands for high dynamic range imagery 

High-dynamic-range photographs can be achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs, then merging them into an image. 

Camras that alow mutiple exposure can be used to make HDR images.

Below are some examples of HDR photos



HDR example1
HDR example2
HDR example3



A Christmas Carol is an english book by Charles Dikens, it was first published in 1843. The story is about an old miser known as scrooge, who devoted his life to making money. He is known for being bitter and not very generous. The story is set at christmas time and the main theme is to show that christmas is a time for giving. 

The very first  cover for the story was very plain with no picture on, just the title in the centre, name of author and a few golden leaf patterns,  here is a picture of this below. 


Because the book soon became very popular it wasnt long before the book cover was redesigned. 

Below are some examples of how the book cover has changed over the century, up to a recent version . 

christmas carol

This cover is similar to the original just with colour added and more updated typography .

18. a christmas carol


christmas carol cover
I found that there were alot more modern covers made recently, each one becoming more colourful.