Lord of The Rings Poster Edit.

October 20, 2009

Lond of the rings poster Edit

Above is the final version of the poster i made using Photoshop, i am happy with how it turned out. The process to make this was firstly to collect all the Lord of the rings images needed.

Open the first image that i used for the background and crop it. Then i opened the image i used for the second layer which was of frodo, using the earaser tool i took the hard edges away from the image so that is would blend in to the background, after this i did the same again for the Third and forth layers.  When all the layers were blended together well , i used image adjustment change the lighting effects slightly so all the layers would have similar shadows and light areas.

For final effects i found a black old textured image to used as a top layer and decreased the opacity, to add to the old-looking effect i messed around with the colour balance to give it a yellow stained look and then finally added the title to the top right corner before flattening all layers. 


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