The title indicates that information inside is going to be about eco and enviromental issuess, so therefore the target audience for this magazine is obviously people who are interested in these issues, but the cover also suggested it could be aimed at a younger generation consdiering the colourful image used for the background. I think the cover could be improved by making the subheadings and other text more larger and more apealing.

The main focal point of this cover is the image of Chris brown, where they have also added the main cover line in a large bold font  so that it is the first thing you read when you look at it. The cover title stands out so well also because it has red around it, breaking away from the pattern of the rest of the text that is orange, white or black.  The cover is organised well and all the text is easy to read.  I would say that this magazine is aimed at Teenagers mainly.
The time cover magazine caught my attention because it is quite simple and uses a good image for the background. The cover is uncluttered witch makes you want to read the little information it has on it. Aswell as this the design to the right of the cover is very clever, because it has linked the text with the image, where it is made to look like it is vanishing, like the text says. This also makes the text more clear so it is easy to read. I get the impression that this magazine is aimed men more than women, because of the images at the top of the cover.
This cover looks clean and fresh because of the minimal colours used. It has the most text out of the four covers , but still looks organised and not too busy, as it is all kept neatly to the sides. The cover indicates theres alot to read inside on many different topics. The image suggested that one of the main articles is about Victoria Beckham so this will attract anyone who wants to read about her. The main target audience for this magazine would young women or teenagers, espeshialy anyone interested in fashion and beauty.