Man Ray Research

September 15, 2009

Man ray was an american Painter and photographer born in 1890.

He is associated with dadaist and surrealist. He was first a abstract painter and  started photography to record his own paintings. He was born in America but moved to Paris in 1921 and made a living from advertising with photography and then returned to america in 1936.

Man Ray is well known for inventing Photograms, or as he liked to call them Rayograms.

Below are some examples of his photography work.





In my opinion Man Rays style of work is quite simple and bold and i can see that he mainly works with black and white photography.




Above are a few paintings by Man Ray , and as you can see they are a different style to his photography work , mainly because he has used bold colours, although like the photograms they are quite simple, with large shapes and less detail.